About Truth in Between

Truth in Between started between a mother and son. Concerned about the lack of critical thinking in a world dominated by short social media threads and silos, I gave my son a challenge to read an article a day from different perspectives. The goal was to learn how to navigate the messy middle with compassion, and to communicate and articulate the truth in between.

What started as a family mission soon turned into an effort to connect those of different ideologies over letters. It was in pursuing this mission that we met W.F. Twyman, Jr. What started as a conversation on diversity training, turned into a series of letters on how we talk about race in America. Pitchstone Publishing turned the letters into a book that you can pre-order on Amazon: Letters in Black & White.

The Truth in Between Substack page is also proud to include articles from the Institute for Liberal Values (ILV) and ILV’s Dissidents Podcast.

About Jennifer Richmond

Jennifer Richmond (aka Jen) supports Liberalism and universal values and believes that the United States is at its best when protecting individual rights and freedoms. She has worked in international relations for over 20 years focusing namely on Global Geopolitics, Intelligence and East Asian Policy.

Learning to communicate on difficult and polarizing issues, in good faith, develops citizens who build a strong and diverse community necessary for our democracy to thrive. 

About W.F. Twyman, Jr.

W.F. Twyman, Jr (aka Wink) promotes black resiliency and individualism, and believes the United States is at its best when we focus on our common humanity. He is a former law professor and descendant of George Twyman I (1661–1703). 

Twyman is the author of essays and articles in many magazines including the National Black Law Journal, the Pennsylvania Lawyer, the Intellectual Conservative. His self-published works are On the Road to Oak Lawn: Truth, Reconciliation and the Twymans (December 1, 2018) and Gotterdammerung (July 3, 2019). 


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