May 5 • 1HR 36M

Ep. 005: Overton Window

Institute for Liberal Values

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Welcome to The Dissidents Podcast, formerly the Counterweight Podcast, where we talk about how we can strive for a world in which freedom and reason are at the forefront of all human society.
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In this week’s ⁠Dissidents Podcast⁠, cohosts Mike and Elizabeth talk about applications of the Overton Window, which is a model for describing the slow evolution of societal values and norms.  The Overton Window suggests that we are all more followers than we are leaders and that our social institutions are more important to shaping our politics than we typically credit them for.  The Overton Window has been used in political decision making and to define the range of ideas people can support without risking social rejection.



Otteson, James R. (2019). Escaping the Social Pull: Nonconformists and Self-Censorship, Society, 56(3), 559–568.

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