Sep 15 • 1HR 28M

Ep. 023: The Kids are Alright: One Conspiracy Theory Debunked

Institute for Liberal Values

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Welcome to The Dissidents Podcast, formerly the Counterweight Podcast, where we talk about how we can strive for a world in which freedom and reason are at the forefront of all human society.
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In this week's episode Mike and Elizabeth discuss the ease with which we engage in outgroup accusations and denunciations, use language that divides us, and even accept accusations of conspiracy without skepticism. After being alerted to one potential conspiracy to indoctrinate children, we did a deep dive into UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and their "Comprehensive Sexuality Education" initiative. Elizabeth enrolled in their course for teachers and went through the materials. Mike examined their website for red flags. We report on our findings, including a lack of evidence for a conspiracy.

Institute for Liberal Values

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