Episode 31: Antisemitism's New Narrative | Asra Nomani & Izabella Tabarovsky


In the Hold my Drink — navigating the news and politics with a chaser of civility — and Counterweight podcast, Episode 31, Izabella Tabarovsky, a Russian-Jewish American immigrant, and Asra Nomani, an Indian-Muslim American immigrant join me to talk about the framing of the Israel-Palestine conflict. The new social justice movement has replaced the nuance and complexity of the situation with binary stereotypes of oppressor and oppressed. We discuss how the real-world application of such simplistic dogma has dangerous implications beyond the rise of antisemitism. All discussed with a chaser of civility, of course, and a shot of humanity.

To read a recap of the conversation and additional thoughts, and to see what we are each reading, be on the look-out for our post Antisemitism’s New Narrative coming out tomorrow on Substack or out now on the Hold my Drink website.

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