Episode 38: Education & Indoctrination | Gabs Clark


In the Hold my Drink — navigating culture with a chaser of civility, and Counterweight podcast, Episode 38, we speak with Gabs Clark, a biracial and widowed mother of five children. After recently recovering from a disability that had her in a wheelchair for years, she stayed at home during the pandemic so her children could attend school online. What she discovered shocked her. In addition to the struggle to find a school that taught her daughter how to be a scientist instead of a social justice warrior, she found her pale-skinned son was being forced to identify as an oppressor or fail his civics class. After numerous attempts to negotiate with teachers, she filed a First Amendment lawsuit. Join us as we discuss her story, all with a chaser of civility, of course, and a peach tea, a shot of Southern Comfort, and a mojito.

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Join us as we explore the truths of a chaotic and beautiful world, together. All views, all drinks are welcome.

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