Episode 39: From Incarceration to Emancipation | David Ben Moshe


In the Hold my Drink — navigating culture with a chaser of civility, and Counterweight podcast, Episode 39, we speak with David Ben Moshe. David is an American ex-con, heterodox thinker, personal trainer, and Orthodox Jewish convert, fighting for citizenship in Israel. You know he has a few stories to tell! David shares with us his journey through the prison system, his fight with racism, his conversion, and his life in Israel where he is now married with two children. Through it all, he never stopped reading, learning, or believing. He is an advocate for personal responsibility and community connection. He tells us how he navigates between the two through critical thinking, open-minded debate and tradition. All discussed with a chaser of civility, of course, a coffee and a green tea with honey (with promises to spike our drinks with whiskey for our next conversation).

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Join us as we explore the truths of a chaotic and beautiful world, together. All views, all drinks are welcome.

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