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Justice by Learning History | Amy Lesserman

The Radical Roots of Ethnic Studies (A Series of the Dissidents Podcast) no. 3: | Institute for Liberal Values

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Jennifer Richmond
Welcome to The Dissidents Podcast, formerly the Counterweight Podcast, where we talk about how we can strive for a world in which freedom and reason are at the forefront of all human society.
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Welcome to a new series of the Dissidents Podcast with your co-hosts, Jennifer Richmond and Brandy Shufutinsky. In this series we explore the radical roots of liberated ethnic studies, how extreme ideology is infiltrating our schools with the aim to indoctrinate instead of educate, and our search for solutions to empower parents, teachers and students, giving them the tools to embrace inquiry and to express their individuality.

This week we speak with Amy Lesserman, an English and Social Studies teacher with a long career in the Los Angeles Unified School District. We discuss the importance of more inclusive history curricula to replace current ethnic studies curricula, the exclusionary aspects of liberated ethnic studies, e.g. those of “inconvenient” minorities, and the alarming exodus of students from K-12 public schools.

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Politicization of the Classroom: From Radical Roots to Government Mandate