May 16 • 1HR 40M

Letters in Black & White | Maya Valmon

A short series of the Dissidents Podcast, no. 2

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Jennifer Richmond
Winkfield Twyman
Welcome to The Dissidents Podcast, formerly the Counterweight Podcast, where we talk about how we can strive for a world in which freedom and reason are at the forefront of all human society.
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This is Letters in Black & White, a short series of the Dissidents Podcast, introducing ideas from the forthcoming book, Letters in Black and White: A New Correspondence on Race in America.

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The following is the second in a series of podcast conversations with interesting people on the topic of race in America. Today's guest is Maya Valmon, a sophomore at Stanford University who is an impressive member of the school's track and field team. What does it mean to be Black and an Old American? Does appearance align with racial identity or not? These are fascinating questions Maya has encountered in her young life. A thoughtful pre-med athlete from Montgomery County, Maryland, Maya represents the best of the future.